150th Anniversary

Chapman Lodge celebrated 150 years on March 28, 2012.

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by R.W.B. Jim Coberly, DDGM 3rd District covering the event

150th anniversary flyer Program of events

Here are some pictures from the 150th events.

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Presentation by Co. "A" 3rd Reg. New Mexico Volunteer Mounted Infantry from Fort Union, NM.

Right Worshipful Junior Grand Warden Jefferson Jordan, as Brother Mark Twain (left)
Who presented the 50 year pin to Worshipful Brother John Dunlap.(right)

Brother Mark Twain presented The Mark Twain Masonic Awareness Award for 2011
to Worshipful Master Darryl Laumbach and the members of Chapman Lodge.

Members of Chapman Lodge, The Oklahoma Masonic Indian Degree Team and Grand Master Josh Lightle (center picture with head-dress)
pose with Brother Bill Higgins, (center front) who had just been Raised to Master Mason by the Indian Degree Team.

Members of The Oklahoma Masonic Indian Degree Team performing at the Illfeld Ballroom in the Historic Plaza Hotel.

Worshipful Brother Pete Laumbach, Lodge Secretary, is presented a feather
by Worshipful Brother Butch McIntosh president of the Oklahoma Masonic Indian Degree Team.

Pete was instrumental in getting the Degree Team for our 150th.

All photos courtesy of Pete Laumbach