2012 Press release

Chapman Lodge, Las Vegas, NM, Receives National Award in the Sixth Annual Mark Twain Competition

Silver Spring, MD. - The Masonic Information Center (MIC) awarded Chapman Lodge, of Las Vegas, New Mexico,
one of just 18 national Mark Twain Awards for demonstrating excellence in 2011 Masonic activities.

The Award recognizes Chapman Lodge's planning, execution, and communication in activities that both invigorate
Freemasonry's identity throughout the community and enrich the quality of educational and fraternal experiences within the lodge.

During the past six years, the MIC, the information arm of the Masonic Service Association of North America (MSANA),
has presented the Mark Twain Award distinction to more than 100 lodges across the continent.
MSANA is headquartered in Silver Spring, MD.

Committed to making changes to improve Chapman Lodge, Robert C. Ramsdell, who was lodge master during the award year, said,
"Winning this award is exciting for our Lodge, and I thank each member who has worked to put new energy into both our community
and our Masonic education. Freemasonry has its own peculiar manner of changing human lives - not by programs, movements, or campaigns
that divide, but through principles that unite."

Darryl P. Laumbach, Chapman senior warden, said, "Through strengthening the character of the individual man,
Freemasonry seeks to improve the community."

Lodge Secretary Pete Laumbach commented, "We resolved to do three things: improve the quality of our historic building;
increase involvement within the lodge; and open our improved building to community organizations.
This award gives us an added incentive to continue improving our lodge members' experiences and Masonry's standing in our community."

George Braatz, executive secretary of MSANA, said, "There are some 10,000 lodges across North American,
and Chapman Lodge should be very proud of being selected part of the elite group of Mark Twain Award winners this year.
The Twain Award encourages lodges to make Freemasonry relevant to the diverse backgrounds and ages of it members and its communities.
Lodges, like Chapman, are making significant contributions to the growing interest in Masonry that we see throughout North America."

Winners receive a custom designed award and nationwide recognition thought the MSANA web site and print publications.

Most historians believe Freemasonry arose from stonemasons' guilds in the Middle Ages and began to flourish in the 1700's in Europe,
the American Colonies, and Canada. Today, North America's Masonic Fraternity provides fellowship and service for more than 1.4 million members.
Masons are known for their commitment to making good men better and doing good works.
Go to www.msana.com for more information about Freemasonry and the Mark Twain Award.

Chapman Lodge Mark Twain Award Trophy