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Temple Building

The Cornerstone for the Masonic Temple was laid on November 26, 1894 (A.L.5894) by Past Grand Master Charles H. Sporleder.

The Lodge was dedicated on June 24, 1895 (A.L.5895), by acting Grand Master Max Frost

The Temple was designed by Architects I.H. & W.M. Rapp & Associates and was constructed by Michael T. Kean Construction Co.

The Trowel used to lay the Cornerstone.

The Building is the finest surviving example of the Richardsonian Romanesque style in New Mexico.

Cosmopolitan in its design and craftsmanship,
the stonework is unusual, locally-quarried purple sandstone.

The carved details flanking the main tower entrance are derivative of the great Chicago architect Louis Sullivan.

The carvings were done by Chicago born and reared Ed Morris, who was in his mid-twenties when this work was done.

He carved entirely by eye, without models to consult.

There are no plans for renovation, there is an on going operation and maintenance effort to sustain the viability of the building to accommodate and support those activities that are presently on-going and any future activities that might be appropriate for the space and consistent with our "Mission". The funds, required for the ongoing operation and maintenance of the building, will come from an existing "Building-Fund" and future gifts and donations given expressly for that purpose by members and friends.
The building has also been used as a movie set for movies such as; "Red Dawn", "All the Pretty Horses", "The Astronaut Farmer", the made for TV movie "Georgia O'Keeffe", The TV docudrama "Gunslingers", and a Documentary on the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement.

Below are a few more pictures of the inside of the Lodge.
click on any one for a larger view

This Diebold safe is on the first floor in the foyer, due to its weight thats as far as they could get it.

Elevator, gate closed

Elevator Tag

Elevator, gate open
The elevator was installed in October 1947. It was one of the first ones in Las Vegas.

Second Floor

The second floor of the building was paid for and used by The Montezuma Club. They occupied this floor until 1908 when they turned it over to The Commercial Club of Las Vegas for one dollar. The LVMBA gained possession of this floor in 1909 after completing payment on a note for $11,147.82. The floor was leased to The Commercial Club for 5 years at $100.00 per month. The Lodge uses this floor now.

2nd Floor Main Hall

2nd Floor Meeting Room

2nd Floor Sitting Room

Main Dining Room

Main Dining Room

Painting by Ethel R. Holt

Looking toward the Fire Place Room

The Fireplace

Looking toward the Fire Place Room

Beautiful Wood Doors

The Kitchen

Beautiful Wood Work

Third Floor

The Courtroom Doorway

The Courtroom

The Courtroom
We call this room "The Courtroom" because it was used to film the courtroom scene for the movie "All The Pretty Horses" (2000) staring Matt Damon and Bruce Dern

The Pool Room

The Pool Room

The Pool Room

Bro. James A. Garfield

Bro. William McKinley

Arthur M. Staley Room

Arthur M. Staley Room

Arthur M. Staley Room
A scene from the 2006 movie "The Astronaut Farmer" staring Billy Bob Thornton,was filmed in this room.

The Lodge Room is also located on the third floor.